Class Substitutions & Cancellations etc.

Our class schedule will have the following changes: 

Japanese classes

Date Content  Changes
May 3rd Tuesday 13:00- Level1&2 Chiharu→Ayano
May 3rd Tuesday 18:30- Level2 Chiharu→Ayano

English classes

Date Content  Changes
April 12th Wednesday 9:15- Level2 Laura→Kaz
April 21st Friday 9:15- Level1&2 Kaz→Lori
April 22nd Saturday 9:30- Level1 Lori→Emi
April 25th Tuesday 9:15- Level2&3 Kaz→Laura
May 13th Saturday 9:30- Level1 Lori→Emi
May 29th Monday 9:15- Level1 Lori→Laura

Studio’s schedule for Golden Week holiday