Class Substitutions & Cancellations etc.

Our class schedule will have the following changes: 

Japanese classes

Date Content  Changes
August 10th Thursday 10:45- Level1&2 Junko→Ayumi
August 10th Thursday 14:00- Maternity Junko→Ayumi
August 10th Thursday 19:00- Level1 Chiharu→Ayumi
August 17th Thursday 10:45- Level1&2 Junko→Kazue
August 17th Thursday 14:00- Maternity Junko→Kazue
August 21st Monday 19:00- Level1&2 Ayumi→Chiharu

English classes
No substitutions & cancellations are scheduled right now

[English Classes Summer Break]
English classes will continue as usual until June 24th.

Due to the summer break of English classes, we are offering discount Monthly Pass in July and August! Please get the ticket at the beginning of each month.
Monthly Pass (valid for a month from the date of purchase)
Regular price: 19,000 yen
Trainee price: 17,000 yen

We will have Obon holiday from August 11th to August 16th.
During this period, we will close all the operations and activities including responding to inquiries by phone or e-mail. Thank you very much for your understanding in advance.