Golden Week Holidays

We will close the studio May 6 ~ 7th.
There will be some other changes to the schedule during this week,
so please refer to the information below.

Please note that we will have English classes as usual;

  • May 3rd Wednesday 9:15-10:30 Laura
  • May 4th Thursday 9:15-10:30 Danielle
  • May 5th Friday 9:15-10:30 Kaz
  • Please note that we will have Japanese class as follows;

  • May 3rd Wednesday 13:00-14:15 Level1 Ayano
  • –Substitutions–

  • May 2nd Tuesday 13:00- Level1&2 Chiharu→Ayano
  • May 2nd Tuesday18:30- Level2 Chiharu→Ayano
  • –Cancellations–

  • May 3rd Wednesday10:00- Basic
  • May 3rd Wednesday10:45- Level2&3
  • May 3rd Wednesday12:30- Restorative
  • May 3rd Wednesday18:30- Level1&2
  • May 3rd Wednesday20:00- Level1
  • May 4th Thusday 10:45- Level1&2
  • May 4th Thusday14:00- Maternity
  • May 4th Thusday19:00- Level1
  • May 5th Friday 9:30- Level1+Meditation
  • May 5th Friday10:45- Level1
  • May 5th Friday19:00- Level1&2+Restorative
  • May 6th Saturday – May 7th Sunday Studio Close

  • Schedule or other details may be subject to change. Please check our Online Schedule and follow our social media for updates:

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