Class Introduction: Saturday Beginner-level


Beginner-level hatha yoga

We will take some time at the beginning of the class to connect with our breath via simple breathing exercises. We’ll slowly move through basic poses and teach you the safe and correct way to align in an easy to understand way. This is an ideal class for beginners or those who would like to review the basics of yoga pose practice.

When: Saturdays 9:30am~10:45am
Instructor: Debbie or Lori
Venue: Be Yoga Japan, 4F ORE Hiroo Building, 5-10-26 Minami-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo (see Google Maps)
Fees: Standard Class Fees apply
Language: English



Debbie Woo

First introduced to yoga whilst pregnant with her first child, Debbie was drawn to the calm and relaxing effects of yoga. Over the years, two more children came along and she felt the challenge of balancing the demands of young children while taking care of her own needs. Each time Debbie practiced yoga, she would feel her physical and mental stress letting go. She believed strongly that yoga held the missing pieces to what she was looking for; exercise, stretching, relaxation and overall wellness. She found her way to yoga class whenever possible, but often woke up in the early morning hours to practice yoga and meditation before the rest of the house woke up. It was during these times that Debbie found her solace at last. Excited to share her passion for yoga with others, she eagerly pursued yoga teacher training. She hopes to share this philosophy, that we can find our own happiness and peace through dedication to ourselves and our yoga practice.


Lori Flynn

When Lori and her family relocated from their native UK to live in the USA in 2010, it was Yoga that helped her to find clarity and peace during a challenging period of transition. Yoga was also paramount to preparing, then restoring and strengthening her body during and after her third pregnancy in 2011. The immensely positive impact Yoga has had on Lori’s life piqued a desire to share these benefits through Teaching, to make accessible to others the physical strength, emotional stability and spiritual ease that Yoga brings. In 2012 Lori came to Tokyo with her husband and 3 kids and it is here, at Be Yoga Japan, that Lori embarked on a new journey to share her love of Yoga.

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