Introducing our Thursday Level 1 Class

Warrior II Pose demonstrated by Ryoko Hashimoto, Be Yoga Japan, Hiroo, Tokyo


Our Thursday Level 1 class will teach you beginner-level hatha yoga. You will learn principles of safe and correct alignment in all the major groups of poses. Pranayama, such as the ujjaiyi breath, and meditation practice are part of each class.

We will take some time at the beginning of the class to connect with our breath via simple breathing exercises. We’ll slowly move through basic poses and teach you the safe and correct way to align in an easy to understand way. This is an ideal class for beginners or those who would like to review the basics of yoga pose practice.

When: every Thursday 10:45am~12:00noon
Instructor: Ryoko Hashimoto
Venue: Be Yoga Japan, 4F ORE Hiroo Building, 5-10-26 Minami-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo (see Google Maps)
Fees: Standard Class Fees apply
Language: Japanese


Ryoko Hashimoto, a certified instructor at Be Yoga Japan, Hiroo, Tokyo

Ryoko Hashimoto

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Certified ISHTA Yoga Instructor (RYT500)
  • Certified ISHTA Yoga Maternity Yoga Instructor

I came across yoga while working as an employee in an office environment. Not listening to my body, I became ill at times and did not know how to deal with my stresses sometimes becoming withdrawn. My mind and body were out of sync and doing yoga allowed me to address that disparity. I have tried various styles of yoga but currently enjoy ISHTA for addressing the individual’s unique needs. In my class, I try to keep in mind that yoga is for each unique individual while teaching pranayama and alignment. By emphasizing this, I hope that each person can appreciate something unique and special about themselves and their experience just as they are. I very much enjoy teaching yoga classes which addresses not only the body but the mind.

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