Be Yoga Japan Teacher Training Course Graduate, Miharu

Be Yoga Japan teacher training course graduate, Ishizuka Miharu, Warrior II Pose (Virabhadrasana II) in Hiroo, Tokyo, Japan

We interviewed Miharu, a graduate of Be Yoga Japan’s 28th Teacher Training Course.

Why did you choose to join the Be Yoga Japan Teacher Training Course?

When I took my first class at Be Yoga Japan in 2010, I experienced the wonders of yoga, and enjoyed yoga at my own pace. During class even when the instructor would just give me a minor adjustment it really deepened my practice, and always seemed to me like magic.

Wanting to learn more about asana, meditation, philosophy and various things about yoga, I started to think about joining the instructor training course.

Becoming to be able to teach yoga to family members or those close to me was a major motivation, and was one of the reasons why I decided to join.

Now that you have completed the Be Yoga Japan Teacher Training Course, how do you feel?

While I was participating in the course, although there were a lot of things to remember, they didn’t seem to be sinking in and I would unnecessarily rush ahead. When we had just started to practice teaching, I was miserable because I wasn’t able to do it as well as I had expected, and I was often negative. However, all the Be Yoga Japan instructors and my classmates supported me and I was able to get over it.

During the course, I was able to learn a lot more wonderful knowledge and have more experiences than I expected. I feel as though I have reached the start of the long journey called yoga.

Any final remarks?

Beginning with Kumiko, I am very grateful for being able to learn from such wonderful professional instructors. I intend to continue with yoga at my own pace in the future.

Miharu, thank you very much!

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