Kumiko Mack teaching Ishta yoga at Be Yoga Japan, Hiroo, Tokyo 2

Visiting our studio for the first time?

At Be Yoga Japan, we teach the ISHTA style of yoga, founded by Alan Finger who runs a studio in New York.

ISHTA Yoga is a yoga style that respects individual needs and teaches various poses based on a person’s physique. It’s the kind of yoga that you can continue at your own pace. The basic principles include aligning your body’s movement with your breath. This not only increases muscle and flexibility, it helps you relax your mind and body. To achieve this, we also teach breathing and meditation methods.

At Be Yoga Japan, we over various classes at different levels. You can choose the appropriate class according to your condition and purpose for that day.

No Membership or Annual Fees: There are no membership fees or annual fees at Be Yoga Japan. First-time visitors can attend a lesson for just 2,000 yen (limited to the first time only).
No Reservations Necessary: Have you ever made a reservation but couldn't make it because of work or you weren't feeling well? At Be Yoga Japan, there is no need to make reservations. Based on your schedule and body condition, you can choose to come anytime.
Free Yoga Mat Rental: Carrying around a yoga mat to work on a packed train isn't easy. At Be Yoga Japan, you can rent yoga mats, blankets, straps, blocks, eye pillows, and other goods necessary for yoga, all free of charge. Just bring clothes you can move around in and a towel to wipe your sweat.
No Expiration Date on Coupon Tickets: Have you ever bought some tickets beforehand, but couldn't make it due to work or simply because you didn't feel like going, then realized those tickets had expired and went to waste? Be Yoga Japan coupon tickets have no expiration date. Once you purchase a ticket, you will be able to use it anytime. You can purchase ticket sets for either 4 or 10 sessions.

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