2014/9/20 Collaboration Class



This event is a collaboration between leading alchemy crystal bowl expert, Jun Makino, and Kumiko Mack!
The event will feature both a concert and a yoga class with a special discount for those joining both.

Yoga Class:
Under the clear skies of autumn, let’s purify our souls with the music of crystal bowls.
It is music that stimulates the inner self to achieve a higher level of consciousness and experience enlightenment.

September 20, Saturday, 15:30pm ~ 17:00pm
Instructor: Kumiko Mack
Musical performance: Jun Makino

Listen to the sounds made by dozens of full sets of alchemy crystal bowls. We look forward to seeing you there.

Time and Date: September 20 (Saturday) 18:00 ~ 20:00
Musical performance: Jun Makino

Yoga Class: 5,500 yen
Concert: 6,000 yen
Set Discount Price: 10,000 yen



Jun Makino, Alchemy Crystal Bowl Player and Sound Alchemist

Jun Makino first heard the music of crystal bowls in 1985 while living in Northern California. He felt their healing vibrations awaken something in him. Returning to Japan in the 1990s, he launched sound bowl workshops and began producing CDs and DVDs.

In 2009, he established his crystal bowl showroom and office in Atami.

His works include (only in Japanese):
CDs: 倍音浴」「睡眠浴」「時空浴」「レクイエム」「Asulon / Sonic Crystalizer」
CD/DVD: 「雷雨のあとに」
DVDs: 倍音浴x自然美」、「クリスタルボウル・ヒーリング」翻訳(国際語学社)
CD Book:「クリスタルボウルの響き」(マキノ出版)
株)くりすたり庵 代表


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