Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

It is the first time of Christmas and New Year after the move. The children were back, and I feel that I have been cooking everyday from morning until evening for 2 weeks. Regardless it was just lovely and wonderful.


It is best to spend New Year’s Day with family at home. That said, after New Years Day I found myself tired and relieved at the same time. Holidays are joyful, however, I often find myself stressing about little things. All in all I always have a great time, and I am glad to have done everything I did – or maybe I will do a little less next year. (wink!) Thanks to the tension, I can enjoy the tranquility of the present to the fullest.

Then, I felt so thankful. (yes, I am weird.)

Thanks to each and every one of the cells for working very hard around the clock
Thanks to the bowel and anus for excreting the inessentials from the body
Thanks to the bladder for keeping urine properly
Thanks to the stomach for working very hard to digest food
Thanks to the heart for working non-stop since I took my first breath born in this world
Thanks to the lungs for incorporating prana in various forms
Thanks to the brain for perceiving, analyzing and reacting to diverse things instantly
Thanks to the entire body for working hard to work out my karma

In this way of turning the awareness towards the inside and sitting quietly, the consciousness spreads into the part of me that is beyond this material world. The part of me that cannot be described in words or explained through knowledge. That is the part of me which is connected to everyone around. Thanks to everyone who are connected to me. These parts are always peaceful. Thank you, thank you.

I wish you all good health and lots of happiness in 2015.



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