Let’s Breathe!

Translation: Taylor Cazella

Tomorrow, I depart for Japan.

“I’ve gotten so busy, it’s like I’ve stopped breathing…” is something I used to say quite often. More than my actual job, I was mending my son’s torn pants or taking him off to college, being made to participate in my daughter’s class surveys, going to the cleaners, or updating my credit cards at the bank; I was always being made to hustle around doing things that didn’t have much meaning.

Amidst anxiety over the pile of luggage I’ve yet to pack, or a guilty conscience over being behind schedule at work, my eyes come to rest on the yoga mat in my bedroom. At times like this, I make a snap decision that I don’t have time to go to yoga class. And when I do that, I find myself just sitting there, my head all knotted up in confusion, wondering whether I should do my work, or pack that luggage, or make a phone call. When that happens I make a firm decision–I pick up my mat and head straight to class.

I match my breathing and begin a vinyasa. First, I take notice of myself–and that my breathing is excessive–and after an hour, I feel completely refreshed and my head is clear. Ha! I’ve recovered my energy, and I return to the feeling I get right after morning meditation. The excessiveness in my breathing has naturally vanished. In that experience, I really come to wonder just how much vinyasas can calm the mind.

On March 27th, Julie Martin, who is famous for vinyasa flow, will hold a workshop at Be Yoga. She is coming thanks to the referral of a friend, so I haven’t had the chance to meet her yet; however, I am really eager to participate in the workshop. While finding the core and foundation, I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of vinyasas she will teach.

> Details on Julie’s Vinyasa Workshop are Here

For those who can find the time, by all means, please stop by and join us. Realigning the body is important!


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