At Alan’s meditation class yesterday, there is construction work going on just one floor above the studio. From the start of the session, hammering and drilling — “Ton ten kan!”, “Gori gori gori!”.

Alan tells us not to fight the cacophony but to accept it as part of our environment. We begin meditating. “Ton ten kan!”, “Gori gori gori!”. It doesn’t stop. Smiling inside, however, I make it part of my chakra. Soon, the sound of visha mantra takes over from the construction noise and I enter a state of peaceful meditation.

This coming Saturday, I will be conducting a class in collaboration with Jun Makino, the pioneer of alchemy crystal bowls. The first time I heard Makino-san in concert was a revelation. Never before had harmonic vibrations awakened such energy inside. Only through mantras had I previously reached such a state. It was indeed like alchemy, as the sound of the crystal bowls have the power to bring psyches into harmonic balance. Makino-san is reputed to be the most experienced in this art, and his gentle yet dramatic performance is sure to entrance.

In our collaboration, we will invite the vibrations of the crystal bowls to cleanse us inside while our peaceful environment raises the power of the music. Meditating while listening to crystal bowls is a deep and voluptuous sensation that is a fitting way to mark the transition from summer to autumn.

Makino-san will also play a concert on his own after our collaboration. Let the music of the crystal bowls wash over you, and you will feel its calming effects for days. (It is said that the vibrations of crystal bowls resonate within the body for three days.)

I am lighthearted with anticipation.


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