Advanced Training: Maha Bandha・Toreta Bandha


Advanced Training Course: Maha Bandha・Toreta Bandha

We start practicing the basics of Bandha slowly with asana and at the end, we experience the Maha Bandha using Bhastrika with higher difficulty.

We experience and learn the basic Bandha that locks energy.  At the same time, we learn pranayama from the lecture.  In the lecture, Kumiko Mack will be teaching Pranayama of high difficulty, Bandha technique and explanation

Moreover, Ph.D of Pharmacy, Yoshiki Hayashi will talk about the physiological description of Maha Bandha・Toreta Bandha.

When: September 6 (Sunday) 13:30-15:00 Physiology: Mr. Yoshiki Hayashi
September 27 (Sunday) 13:30-18:30 Lecturer: Kumiko Mack
Fee: Bridge :12,000yen; Trainee: 10,000yen

※To the applicants: September 6 (Sunday) 13:30 to 15:00 Maha Bandha・Toreta Bandha physiology lecture fee is also included in the course. Please be sure to take the lecture.

Schedule or other details may be subject to change. Please check our Online Schedule and follow our social media for updates:

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