Advanced Training: Meditation


Advanced Training: Meditation

It is a part of advanced training with philosophy lecture, chanting and deep breathing exercise.

First part is about the deep breathing method. We carefully practice breathing clearly that is difficult to understand with 200-hour training only. We also learn Hamsa, Soham, Arohan, Awarohan etc.

What are the mantra, yantra and Ohm? In the second part, we learn by reflecting on tantric cosmology. And we learn about how mantra, yantra liberates our consciousness, and how ohm transforms us.

We also learn chanting, through everyday’s Samyama we learn to use the ultimate calmness.

Moreover, Ph.D of Pharmacy, Yoshiki Hayashi will talk about the physiological description of meditation.

When: September 6 (Sunday) 15:30-17:00 Physiology: Mr. Yoshiki Hayashi
October 24 (Saturday) 15:00-20:00 Lecturer: Kumiko Mack
October 25 (Sunday) 13:30-19:30 Lecturer: Kumiko Mack
Fee: Bridge :20,000yen; Trainee: 18,000yen

※To the applicants: September 6 (Sunday) 15:30-17:00  Meditation physiology lecture fee is also included in the course. Please be sure to take the lecture.

Schedule or other details may be subject to change. Please check our Online Schedule and follow our social media for updates:

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