Message from Be Yoga Japan Instructor, Junko Saegusa

Junko Saegusa, Be Yoga Japan instructor, Tokyo, Japan - pregnantPardon me for posting a personal matter, however I just wanted to let my students know that since my class last week, I have entered maternity leave.

Due to my physical condition, some of my classes have been cancelled, whilst others will be taught by my colleagues until I’m ready to return to teaching. I appreciate your understanding.

Thank you to any who were worried and for your heartwarming messages. I am grateful.

Trustworthy instructors have taken over my classes, so please do continue to come to class and continue as usual!

I’m looking for forward to the day when I can share yoga with you again.

My belly is growing larger, and I wonder where it will stop! I spend each day breathing heavily.

Junko Saegusa

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