Yoga Classes at Your Office

At Be Yoga Japan, we wish to provide opportunities for those who do not have time to come to our studio to enjoy yoga as well.

An ISHTA Yoga instructor will be dispatched and host a lesson at a location/time of your choice.

We can also customize the lesson for a better experience in order to suit the age, fitness level, gender, and profession of our clients. If you wish, you can do yoga with your clothes on, or while sitting down.

Preparation Required

  • Audio device to play a CD or plug in an iPod (lesson without music is also possible)
  • Yoga mat and a blanket or a towel
  • Clothes you can move around in (t-shirt, sweater, sportswear, etc). If you cannot change, that is okay too.
  • Beverage of your choice (tea, water, sports drink, etc)

Suggested Lesson Space

  • Company office (personal desk)
  • Conference room or seminar room
  • Welfare facilities

Ways to Use Our Service

  • Get some exercise at work
  • Health management for your employees
  • In-office or out-of-office training/seminar

Case Study

Adidas Japan’s In-office Yoga Program

Be Yoga Japan private class at Adidas Japan 3
It was an early morning session, but it was a great turnout!


Be Yoga Japan private class Adidas Japan 2
At Adidas, we used a large conference room to conduct the lesson.


Be Yoga Japan private class at Adidas Japan 1
Our studio instructor leads the class.


Please contact us for more details on lesson fees. For a large event, the participation fee per person will be very reasonable.

Transportation fee will be charged. Dispatch locations are limited to the 23 wards of Tokyo at the moment. However, if you wish to conduct a lesson elsewhere, please consult us.


Please contact us for requests and questions via

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