Kumiko Mack teaching bridge program at Be Yoga Japan, Hiroo, Tokyo

ISHTA Yoga encourages students to develop a practice suited to their own needs, always emphasizing correct and safe alignment. Our classes offer a relaxing, judgment-free atmosphere wherein each student can move at his or her own pace.

Vinyasa, the linking of breath to movement, is a fundamental aspect of our teaching and classes end with meditation practice. Each class is 75 minutes in duration.

In addition to daily studio classes, private instruction may be arranged from our instructors, either at our studio or your place. If your company is interested in having yoga classes taught on-site, please contact us to make arrangements.

Class Levels

Level 1

Beginner-level hatha yoga. You will learn principles of safe and correct alignment in all the major groups of poses. Pranayama, such as the ujjaiyi breath, and meditation practice are part of each class.

Level 1-2

This class is for those who already know basic poses. Suitable for level 1 students who are looking for a challenge and level 2 students who want to take it easy. We will thoroughly explain the slightly difficult poses of level 2. Class program includes Pranayama and slightly advanced meditation.

Level 2

Intermediate and advanced asanas, often combined with vigorous vinyasa. Students should have knowledge of correct alignment. Classes may include pranayama instruction such as kapalabhati and nadi shodana, as well as meditation practice.

Level 2-3

The purpose of this program is to introduce power and flexibility into your practice. We will practice advanced poses in this course. We will cover Kapalabhati and Treta Bandha (triple lock) in meditation.


Learn to how breath more fully and increase concentration.

Our focus is not body movement. Stretch your body, get comfortable, and regulate your breath to focus. Using more support props, you will meditate longer than usual classes.

You might have noticed doing yoga with others has a different energy compared to doing it alone. Similarly, meditation with others may be a new experience for you.
If you have time and wish to get some exercise afterwards, please participate in the next class as well.

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