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Be Yoga Japan is a yoga studio registered to the Yoga Alliance. Everyone, who has completed the course, is active in various fields.

Why 200 hours?

Some students start our 200-hour teacher-training program (TT200) wondering why it takes so long to complete. However, nearly everyone finishes the program with the understanding that 200 hours of instruction was just a first step.

Yoga is a complex, far-reaching body of knowledge that covers every aspect of life. To teach even a beginner-level asana class safely and correctly, you must thoroughly know the correct alignment, common misalignments and contraindications for dozens of poses, be able to explain to your students the physical and mental benefits for various types of poses, and be prepared to offer modifications of each asana for students with injuries, elderly students and pregnant women.

After completing the ISHTA Teacher Training program, you will have a strong foundation to begin teaching with an understanding of the principles of safe alignment in asanas, as well as basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of yoga, Ayurveda, pranayama and meditation.

Meg Mccreery teaching 200-hour Teacher Training Course at Be Yoga Japan, Hiroo, Tokyo


200-Hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)

Yoga alliance registered yoga teacher 200 hour course logoBe Yoga Japan offers 200-hour teacher training courses in English and Japanese at our studio in Tokyo.

Our standard course runs three months. The curriculum includes anatomy, physiology, ayurveda, philosophy, safe asana alignment and teaching theory.

Kumiko Mack, Kazuko Okuno and other ISHTA Yoga teachers offer primary instruction. Guest lecturers provide specialized instruction in anatomy and physiology, Ayurveda and yoga. Whether you are aiming to obtain certification to teach yoga, or seeking to deepen your knowledge of yoga, our 200-hour ISHTA teacher training course can serve as a path in your journey.

Be Yoga Japan is a yoga studio registered to the Yoga Alliance. Graduates will be not only registered to Yoga Alliance, but they can also put the RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) title, which indicates the Yoga Alliance registration, after their names.

We have received warm compliments from our graduates that lecture contents and classes are very rich and satisfying. Because there is a written exam and teaching practical exam at the very end of the course, one can deeply anatomy and physiology, get yoga knowledge and teaching experiences. If you are a prospective yoga instructor or still need to get some comprehensive knowledge, take this chance and join us.



[Course period]
2020,April 2 (Thursday) ~ 2020,June 22 (Monday) Weekday course

double Blue, 5-12-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Please see more detail)

[Lecture Contents]
In addition to the asana (body posture), we learn basic teaching methods such as alignment (correct body posture), name of the asana, breathing and contemplation during practice.
From lectures, we learn basics of anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, yoga sutra and deepen our understanding of Ayurveda for daily use. There is also maternity yoga lecture.
By the time you finish the course, you will be released from various unnecessary obsessions with power of the great yoga wisdom and you will notice being changed so much that you can hardly recognize yourself with increased mental strength and concentration ability.

[Free and compulsory classes]
During the period, one can take up to 21-free general classes at Be Yoga. You must have finished taking at least 17 classes in the period.

2020,April 2 (Thursday) ~ 2020,June 22 (Monday) Weekday course
Please note that the schedule is subject to some changes.

2-Apr (thu) 10:00 17:00
3-Apr (fri) 10:00 16:00
6-Apr (mon) 10:00 16:00
7-Apr (tue) 10:00 17:00
9-Apr (thu) 10:00 15:00
10-Apr (fri) 10:00 16:00
13-Apr (mon) 10:00 15:00
14-Apr (tue) 10:00 17:00
16-Apr (thu) 10:00 17:00
17-Apr (fri) 10:00 17:00
20-Apr (mon) 10:00 16:00
21-Apr (tue) 10:00 17:00
23-Apr (thu) 10:00 17:00
24-Apr (fri) 10:00 17:00
27-Apr (mon) 10:00 16:00
28-Apr (tue) 10:00 17:00
11-May (mon) 10:00 16:00
14-May (thu) 10:00 16:00
15-May (fri) 10:00 16:00
18-May (mon) 10:00 15:00
25-May (mon) 10:00 15:00
29-May (fri) 10:00 15:00
1-Jun (mon) 10:00 16:00
2-Jun (tue) 10:00 14:00
4-Jun (thu) 10:00 17:00
5-Jun (fri) 10:00 17:00
8-Jun (mon) 10:00 15:00
9-Jun (tue) 10:00 16:00
11-Jun (thu) 10:00 16:00
12-Jun (fri) 10:00 17:00
15-Jun (mon) 10:00 16:00
16-Jun (tue) 10:00 17:00
18-Jun (thu) 10:00 17:00
19-Jun (fri) 10:00 17:00
22-Jun (mon) 10:00 17:00

The price includes tax.
495,000 yen ( 50,000 yen for applying, Training cost: 400,000 yen and tax )

[Deadline for the payment]
Deadline for the payment is March 24 (Tuesday), 2020.

[What is included in the fee]

Manual, 21-free general classes, tuition fee, charge for the completion certificate etc.
※You need to do the registration procedure for Yoga Alliance on your own, after the training course completion. Please note that registration fee is not included in the fee. For further details about Yoga Alliance registration, please refer to http://www.yogaalliance.org/

[Who can take the course]
There is no special restriction.
In this training course, you will learn about Ishta Yoga.
If you have some understanding prior to the training, you can learn more from the lectures and classes.

[How to apply]
Please fill out below and send to
reservations@beyogajapan.com, or contact to our office. We will send you the formal application form and payment instruction.

※Sometimes, we might not receive your email.
Please fill in the subject “200 Hour English TT”.
※Although you can apply from a mobile phone email, please use pc email address when possible.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address (Only PC email address)
  • Phone number
  • Have you ever used Be Yoga Japan studio? Yes or No
  • Yoga History

※ You can submit your application through email, or bring directly to Be Yoga office.
※ Please bring the application fee in cash or pay by bank transfer within the specified date.
※ Please note that your subscription will be cancelled, if the payment can not be confirmed within the due date. Once we confirm payment, we will guide you again for more information on training, with schedules and contents.
※ Email replies may be slow on weekends.

We are looking forward to your active participation.

Be Yoga Japan staffs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: I do not plan to teach yoga right away. Will I still benefit from taking the Teacher Training course?

A: Yes. Many people enroll in the course just to deepen their understanding and personal practice of yoga. The curriculum is focused not only on training you to become a teacher, but also on helping you to develop a stronger practice. Our students come from many different fields and backgrounds.

Q: What will I study in the lectures?

A: Our program consists of many different subjects, including asanas, anatomy, ayurveda, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. In addition, students are required to attend ISHTA Yoga studio classes. All material is taught from the unique perspective of ISHTA Yoga.

Be Yoga ISHTA Teacher Trainings are available in English as well as Japanese. Our English program, however, may not be offered each time.


Contact us

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us via training@beyogajapan.com.

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